Servo Motor Drives Flexo Printing Machine - F20


Meduim & Wide WebFlexo Printing Machine - F20 (Web Width: 700mm-1800mm)

Flexo Printing Machine

This machine is widely used in light-weight coated paper, duplex board, coatedpaper, cardboard, non-woven fabric, kraft paper, paper-plastic composite material,etc.

Easy operation of the whole machine, fast printing ready time and maximum speed of 240m/min. The shoulder iron support mechanism of the plate roller effectively overcomes the vibration caused by the impact of the plate seam to achieve high accuracy and stable printing. The advantage compared to traditional flexo presses is that there is no need to adjust the roller pressure for plate replacement, and the servo drive can realize plate pre-registration in the stop state and automatic registration in the start-up, which saves at least 50% waste and faster plate replacement, greatly improving productivity and bringing higher economic benefits to customers.

This series flexo printing machine has widely applied for packaging paper, paper boxes/bags, paper cups, courier bags, beer cartons, food cartons, and other pre-printing fields.

Specifications and paremeters

Meduim & Wide WebFlexo Printing Machine - F20 (Web Width: 700mm-1800mm)

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With a first-class high-quality machine, a high-precision printing effect, to ensure high-quality printed products

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